Meet the inmates: Senekerim aka Kerim

Written by: Trevor

Inmate name: Senekerim
Aliases: Kerim
Date of Birth: 04/09/2011
Gender: Male
Race: Cat
Hair Colour: White/ Auburn flecks
Eye Colour: Brown

Personality disorders: Socially awkward, nervous tendencies

Miscellaneous Details: Having separated from his mother earlier than he would have liked, Kerim became socially awkward at an early age. Doors slamming, footsteps, sneezing and the coughing of ants, would send Kerim into a reclusive state. His wiry stature and cautiousness makes Kerim a valued member of the Armenian Trio Gang, although, somewhat of a sidekick rather than competing for the don job. If seen in the streets, don’t worry he is mostly harmless.




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