Welcome to The Turkish Van Cat Blog

Written by: Sembat

This blog shares a very personal encounter with Van Cats, a fascinating and quite rare breed, originating in Eastern Turkey. There are several other excellent sites touching on the history and characteristics of the breed as well the sites of individual breeders. This blog is a celebration of the Van cats, past and present, who have become part of our family and we hope will encourage others to consider inviting a Van cat into their home.

Sembat (a pseudonym) is an historian and a genealogist and delights in the cats’ pedigrees for their intricacy. Unlike the better-informed breeders he doesn’t have a profound grasp of genetics but is grateful for the commitment shown by some of the breeders to maintain the integrity of the breed and at the same time avoid the dangerous inbreeding which threatened those who first entered Britain just over half a century ago.

Trevor is the IT expert and amateur photographer who constructed this blog and will be demonstrating his enthusiasm for Van cats in a more visual way.

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