Meet the inmates: Hripsime aka Ripley

Written by: Trevor

Inmate name: Hripsime
Aliases: Ripley, Rippers
Date of Birth: 04/09/2011
Gender: Female
Race: Cat
Hair Colour: White, Auburn flecks
Eye Colour: Brown

Personality disorders: Authoritarian complex, excitable fits of rage

Miscellaneous Details: This Turkish Van cat rules over the other inmates with an iron paw. She assesses the situation, often in the background, waiting for the right time to make an appearance. Unlike the other inmates she loves cuddling and playing. She has a tendency to play a little too rough but knows the other inmates’ thresholds. She is a troublemaker in the prison and is often sent to the sin bin for constantly pushing her luck. She has the brains to match her might, often found forming an escape plan or discovering the latest toys, tricks and new areas in the prison.