Painting the cats

Written by: Sembat

Gregory I and Sarkis were first painted in 1989 by Vanessa Tinker, ARCA, looking out of an upstairs window above the front door. As this was a ‘blind’ window overlooking the front entrance porch, it serves as a reminder that this is a feline residence. It has led some passers by to refer to it as the Cats’ House, which seems an appropriate designation.

Later they were immortalised on parchment by the late distinguished heraldic artist, John William Bainbridge (1940-1996), who in 1991 included them in the Grant of Arms issued by the College of Arms in London.

Gregory II was included in a group portrait of the household at Charlton painted by the talented young artist, Philip Stephen Huxley in 2009. By fixing the viewer with his steady gaze, he provides the link between the portrait and those who view it.

'blind' window image Grant of Arms